Foundation Course for Eyelash

Foundation Course – Beginner

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(Eyelash extension is a procedure done around the eyes with adhesive. A thorough practice on a mannequin to form muscle memory is a must before ever trying to practice on real human lashes)

Proven innovative approach to train muscle memory.

Easy-to-follow steps. Master the techniques without efforts.

Appropriate for anyone even without prior interest in a beauty career.

If you’re doing lashes, and struggle with isolation and retention, This course is for you

If you’re doing lashes and your clients come back with clumps and bald spots, This course is for you 

You will learn:

  • The secret of alignment technique that keep the extensions on for weeks 
  • The ABC of separation and attachment
  • How to stabilize your hand during attachment
  • Practice double tweezers coordination 
  • Learn how stickies are formed and how to avoid making them 
  • Learn the Rhythm of Dip-press-separate-attach
  • Up/down left/right, which side of natural lash the extension should go?
  • The “spider-legs” phenomenon and how to avoid it