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Learn with our lash classes

Lash Pilot Academy accommodates towards all its student’s needs and schedules. We understand if you have other commitments that you need to juggle with, and we make an effort to make sure that you can get our lash extension classes and mentorship at times that are comfortable for you.

Eyelash extension classes Los Angeles

We provide two specialized lash artistry classes for those passionate about learning from our lash educators - individual private one on one training, as well as small group-focused training. Both classes allow our students to work directly and closely with our lash instructors, meaning that they get the attention and time needed to truly develop their skills. Our ultimate goal is to provide our students with the confidence and technical ability required to become a fully professional lash stylist.

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Eyelash Extension Classes | Lash Pilot Academy

The golden age of working in the hair and nail salon industry is over. It’s now the eyelash extension classes era, which comes with the potential to earn a six-figure salary.

At Lash Pilot Studio and Academy, we specialize in applying the latest eyelash extension services to our clients based in the Santa Monica and Greater Los Angeles area. Our academy offers lash training classes to individuals who wish to enhance their career and become a Lash Pro.

Our academy’s mission is to promote the empowerment of women and female entrepreneurship. We do so by helping women develop the technical skills necessary to help them launch their own businesses and be their own boss. Women entrepreneurship means being financially independent, not relying on anyone else, and generating enough income to be fully in control of your future.

Our Eyelash Extension Training

The Foundation Class - Classic Lash Extension course



  • Great for beginners, no prior experience required
  • Classic set eyelash extension 101
  • Receive training in theory and practice
  • Lash Pilot Academy Accredited Certificate
  • Free training kit included
  • Discounts on products
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The Dual Class (Russian Volume & Classic)



  • Great for students with prior eyelash experience
  • Individual who like to advance their skills from classic lashing to mega volume techniques
  • Hybrid Extension 101: Russian Volume and Classic
  • Receive two Academy Accredited Certificate: Classic and Russian Volume
  • Free Training kit included
  • Discounts on products
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Hands-On Apprenticeship Class


  • This course is special tailored to your personal needs
  • Must have CA esthetician or cosmetologist license
  • Perfect for a certified graduate students and entrepreneur individuals who seek guidance in order to break into the lash industry workforce
  • The lash technician who wants to increase personal productivity and enhance personal effectiveness
  • Ability to train and work in the real-life salon environment
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